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    I know a lot of great Real Estate Agents and it was very difficult for me to choose the one that could sell my parents semi-detached home. But in the end I gave the listing to Alan J. Winterfield, I am glad I did, and here’s why:

    The home was empty for 2 years and was in desperate need of repairs. I received several repairs estimates that ranged from 50k to 100k (the house was in very poor condition and needed a complete renovation).

    I met with Alan (who has over 32 years of experience) and he asked me what I wanted for my home. I gave him a fair realistic amount based on my own research of the sales of comparable homes over the past year. He said he had a plan in place and told me I could expect multiple offers with 4 days of listing it. And would probably get offers substantially higher over the listing price, which I thought was fair. Sure enough, we had over 30 viewings in 4 days and 8 offers, which we narrowed down to 2 really great offers, that ended being over 40k more than what I had expected. What makes this story even more amazing, is that he sold the house without placing a sign on the front lawn, or without an “open house” (which usually attracts a lot of nosey neighbours). He also assured me that it was my right to reject any offer I was not happy with. Alan’s strategy was to work with some of the best agents he knew that would bring in qualified serious buyers and create a bidding war. Alan’s strategy was brilliant. The home was sold in less than a week for more money than I could have ever imagined. Listing my parent’s home with Alan was one of the best moves I have ever made. Looking back, I would have lost thousands of dollars if I had sold it privately. Alan is in the business because he has a passion for real estate. He genuinely puts the interests of his clients ahead of his own and his willingness to work with other agents to get his clients more money than they could have ever imagined is proof of this! If you are planning to buy or sell a house, you would be crazy if you did not speak to Alan first. He is that good!

    Martino Daniells
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    "When I was relocating to the Greater Toronto Area in 2002, I was looking at purchasing a million dollar property in the Mississauga/Oakville area, and was referred to Al through a colleague who had done business with him in the past and highly recommended his services. I was very happy with his level of professionalism and would use his services again without hesitation."

    Dr. T. Bradshaw
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    "We met Alan at an open house in the spring of 1992 and he helped us find our first home with fewer headaches than we expected. In fact, it turned out to be a surprisingly pleasant experience. Since then, we have upgraded 3 times, each time relying on Alan's professional, courteous service to see the process through from start to finish with a positive result each time. We have recommended several friends and family members to Alan over the years and would not hesitate to do so again."

    Adam and Rebecca
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    Alan Winterfield worked tirelessly and professionally to ensure that I was in the best possible position to buy a new home while also selling my existing home. His knowledge and expertise in the real estate market were continually evident. He was able to predict trends and timelines with precision. He was able to recognize my needs and met them in record time and with minimal stress. He reduced the stress by anticipating the most advantageous manner to maximize my property value and finding a home that was within my budget and expectations. Alan's personable nature facilitated both sales. He is able to make people find comfort and confidence in his ability to buy and sell homes. It was an absolute pleasure having such an efficient and experienced realtor.

    Martina S